Professional Organiser Decluttering Service Sydney

Professional Organiser Sydney Decluttering Service

Defintion: Declutter — vb: to simplify or get rid of mess, disorder, complications, etc: declutter your life
- Photos in boxes?
- Shelves untidy?
- Need to tidy one room or does your home need a complete declutter?
- Moving to a smaller house and need help minimizing household items?
- Need to throw away or donate goods to charity?
- Need your office more functional and better organised?

Andrea has plenty of decluttering ideas and is ready to help you professionally declutter and organise your home or office and ultimately your life...


About Andrea Ventura

Founder and Director of The Space Creator

Declutter and Professional Organiser Expert

Andrea was born in India and migrated at an early age to Sydney, Australia where she currently resides.

From an early age she developed an interest and flair for fashion and design and this lead her into a Director position at G&C Ventura, the sole distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand for the well known Italian brand Alessi. She worked in the company for 23 years and developed extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of business. She has an innate sense of practicality and sensibility that is evident in the way she lives her life.

Following a long-standing and successful career Andrea decided to challenge herself and establish her own business. In an area that complements her skills and knowledge she decided to help people by offering a service that declutters and organises a person's home or business space.

Since Andrea established The Space Creator her business continues to grow and making a name for itself in the industry.


Clear Space - Clear Mind

Professional Organiser Sydney

Andrea "The Space Creator" can help you go from this...

Professional Organiser Sydney this. Less clutter and more space.
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on 0431 050 440 and enjoy a better 'lifestyle'.