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 “Andrea - The Space Creator has created amazing amounts of space in my home where there was none previously!
I have used other professional organisers in the distant past but found they did not always understand my personal needs and wanted me to conform with their views. I have really appreciated Andrea’s honest flexible, and caring style. She is firm but not ruthless and understands what it is like to be a parent - which is so important when working with Mums!

Some of the items from the past that I have needed to sort through are quite emotionally charged for me and I have really appreciated the respect and support that Andrea has shown in helping me to approach these,

When I moved home recently Andrea and I worked on finding ways to make the furniture fit in the space and to choose the best options for storage in our home. Andrea was a great resource and help in this process.

I have children with special needs which adds to the challenges involved for our family and Andrea has been wonderful with keeping their needs in mind admits the changes,

I really appreciate Andrea's approach to organising, spaces always feel much better after she's come to help and when our home is better I feel better too!

Thank you for all your help Andrea our family has really benefited from it!!”


Jean - Riverwood

Hi my name, is Cathy and I run a small fitness business in the inner west. My passion is training, not my administration skills.  With Andreas help we managed to get my tax and paperwork in order and she helped me implement a simple filing system which I can easily keep up to date. This allows me the time to focus on my clients.
Andrea is a pleasure to work with, is patient and understanding.


Cathy  - Sydney

It’s one thing to drown yourself in clutter and quite another to take your children down with you. One day, I decided enough was enough, so I took a deep breath and googled ‘decluttering’. That’s how I found Andrea and her company, The Space Creator. I'd never hired a decluttering expert before so I was a bit apprehensive. However, Andrea made sense of the whole process, encouraging me when my default mode -- a deep sense of overwhelm -- threatened to derail the whole process.

She helped me decide what to keep and what to give away, patiently listening to the memory attached to every item (It belonged to my mother) or the rationale for each purchase (It was on sale) or the turn of events that could make me really regret donating the last few cups and saucers from a decades-old dinner set (I might need them).

More recently, my son and I moved to a bigger, brighter house. Determined to make this house a home as quickly as possible, I called Andrea to help unpack, including boxes that had been in storage, unopened for nearly two years.

Andrea organised everything in a way that was both sensible and beautiful, setting up easy-to-follow systems and turning my house into the beautiful home I’d dreamed of. What’s more, Andrea’s feel for room arrangement is almost mystical. So when she comes to your home, walks into a room and goes very quiet, don't speak. Just stand back and let the magic happen.

Vicki T - Lilyfield

Downsizing from a big chaotic family home where we had lived for 20 years to a smaller more compact house, I found myself completely overwhelmed by the size of the task. I envisaged months of unpacking boxes all by myself and simultaneously trying to organise a home, for young adults and ourselves and quite frankly I felt traumatised and didn’t know where to start!

Andrea arrived and was a godsend. She was there unpacking every box with me and we got through them so quickly. What I thought would take hours was done so efficiently and quickly. She organised my kitchen, wardrobes, laundry linen in lightning speed and with a great aesthetic. Not to mention the furniture and everything else which she arranged in ways that I simply hadn’t imagined could work. The kids sung her praises and most surprisingly the systems which she designed are still in place two years later. My husband particularly loved her organisation of his wardrobe and the kitchen. She taught me so much and I still get enormous satisfaction when I look at my linen all neatly piled as if in a showroom.

She was always positive, resourceful and nothing phases her. She is particularly sensitive when dealing with decluttering the sentimental items. She is a fantastic problem-solver, very empathetic to her clients’ needs and what surprised me the most was how quickly she achieved it all. She is an absolute star.

Mitou - Tamarama

We moved home recently and were determined to avoid the clutter of the old place. We called in Andrea who showed us how to do it. She advised us on what to keep and what to discard, then set us up with systems to keep everything perfectly organised. She was not only totally professional, she was sensitive to the emotions involved in parting with possessions. We don't feel we lost anything. To the contrary, we feel we have finally won our freedom from clutter and mess. Even my husband, the ultimate hoarder, is now looking sexier. Thanks Andrea. You saved my sanity and my marriage!

Anna P - Vaucluse

Andrea has come to my house on a number of occasions and has helped me with decluttering and reorganising of my study and other rooms. To say the least, Andrea is meticulous and will ensure every piece of paper has a home or is disposed of. She is fantastic at normalising the emotional connect to unimportant objects which in turn makes it easier to let go of. Andrea is very sensitive and empathic which for me made it a much easier process to be myself and not feel 'silly' for holding onto things I should not be. I would strongly recommend Andrea and her amazing reorganising skills to not only make room in your home but clear the clutter in you head, enabling more time in your day and peace of mind.

Carol R - Haberfield

I had Andrea help me with my desk, kitchen and laundry. What a difference this has made to my space. Before we stared I thought I might be forced to throw everything out, much to my relief this did not happen. Andrea helped me to find a place for things that are of use and to get rid of things that I no longer need. In my office space, systems were created to help me deal with the masses of paper I have coming in. This has changed the way I feel on a day to day level. I can't thank her enough!

Nerida H - Camperdown


Andrea is one of the most organised people I know. Her house is immaculate and everything has a place without feeling sterile and stuffy yet still very home like. She has organised my wardrobes when I recently moved and for a change I can locate everything I want in my wardrobe easily and with a minimum of fuss, it’s great.

Patricia L - Sydney


Decluttering Tips

1. Don’t think about it, just do it.

2. Start small.

3. Give yourself 1 hour to start your project.

4. If you haven’t used an item in 1-year chances are you wont use it.

5. Remember memories are in our hearts and minds, not in the items we hold on to.

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